DFF14 Selection List

1141 cortometraggi giunti da 73 diverse nazioni sparse per i 5 continenti. Questi i numeri del DFF14, in programma dal 19 al 23 marzo al Cinema Antares di Ceccano (Fr). Dopo mesi di lavoro, ecco i corti finalisti:

1141 short films from 73 different countries in the 5 continents. These are the numbers of DFF14, 19th to 23rd of March in Antares Theatre of Ceccano, Italy. Here the list of short films selected:


9 Pasos by Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera (Spain)

Anna by Federica D’Ignoti (Italy)

A 6 Minute Short Film by Georgi Kanchev (Bulgaria)

Boo Boo by Ivan Yu (Hong Kong)

Clown by Olexander Kyrienko (Ukraine)

Dark Night by Ivan Plechev (Russia)

Dispersion by Basile Vuillemin (Switzerland)

Farewell, my Love! by Ksenia Rappoport (Russia)

Fifteen – Quince by Peiman Zekavat (U.K. – Perù)

Ipdentical by Marco Huertas (Spain)

Lina by Dominique Barniaud (France)

Megan by Greg Strasz (U.S.A.)

Tiikeri by Mikko Myllylahti (Finland)

Ulysses by Jorge Malpica (Mexico)

Yawth by Dimitris Tsakaleas (Greece)

Rivalità by Luigi Imola (Italy) – Selected by the Public of Dieci Storie Brevi


2nd Class by Jimmy Olsson (Sweden)

Così in Terra by Pier Lorenzo Pisano (Italy)

Hana by Mai Nakanishi (Japan)

Labor by Cecilia Albertini (Italy – U.S.A.)

La Gita by Salvatore Allocca (Italy)

Mi Querido Balon by Gaizka Urresti (Spain)

On the Border by Wei ShuJun (China)

Salam by Claire Fowler (U.S.A.)

The Nanny by Max Miller (Australia)

The Other Half by Prabal Chakraborty (India)

Giovani Italiani by Alessandro Panza (Italy) – Selected by the Public of Dieci Storie Brevi


Cazatalentos by José Herrera (Spain)

Circuit by Delia Hess (Switzerland)

Hors Piste by Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Mallet (France)

Inanimate by Lucia Bulgheroni (Italy – U.K.)

Macaron Love by Chen Jun-Hao (Taiwan)

Sacrées Nonnes by Anissa Beddiaf, Edwige Bellin, Lucie Fillon, Perrine Lemonnier, Zacharia Mekideche, Léa Mourad, Armelle Roy (France)

Sans Gravité by Charline Parisot (France)

Toucher Les Etoiles by Mathilde Beaudet & Felix Caouette (Canada)

Vs Santa by Aitor Herrero & Raul Coromel (Spain)

Wełniaki by Joanna Polak (Poland)


Allafinfinfirifinfinfine by Francesco D’Ascenzo (Italy)

Eli – A Portrait by Lumen Nguyen (Germany)

I Want to see for myself by Fanyana Hlabangane (South Africa)

My 70’s Vlog by Paul Howard Allen (U.K.)

Semilla by José Javier Castro Hurtado & Sebastián Orozco Betancur (Colombia)


Adam by Alyce Rogers – Douglas Anderson High School, Jacksonville (U.S.A.)

Elogio dei Piedi – Tributo a Erri De Luca by Giuseppe Sagnelli – I.C.S. “Giovanni XXIII” Santa Maria a Vico (Italy)

La Lezione by Collective Student Film – Istituto Anjoi di Carbonia & Istituto Azuni di Cagliari (Italy)

Loop by Classe III G I.T. “Morigia Perdisa” Ravenna (Italy)

Spegni il cellulare e accendi il cuore by Gerardo Lamattina – I.C. “San Biagio Ravenna (Italy)